Figments - Ray Lustig & Duo Noire

I CARE IF YOU LISTEN, Where Classical Guitar Meets Minimalism (2014)
"Figments, composed by Raymond Lustig and performed by the virtuosic pair, Duo Noire (Thomas Flippin and Christopher Mallett) is a unique and entrancing album that exists at the unusual intersection of minimalism and impressive classical guitar technique...The impressive technique displayed by Duo Noire is perfectly suited to Lustig's delicious compositions, and you wouldn't regret getting a hold of this; if you like acoustic guitar, bluegrass, minimalism, blues -or music at all- you'll definitely enjoy this excellently produced and mastered album."

SOUNDBOARD MAGAZINE, Mallett's solo CD Review. (2015)
"Mallett, one half of Duo Noire (featured on the cover of Soundboard 40, No.3), begins his fine disc with powerful performances of two dances by Regino Sainz de la Maza...[they] have never sounded better. What follows is Dusan Bogdanovic's utterly charming Jazz Sonatina. Mallett plays it beautifully. Nikita Koshkin's 'The Porcelain Tower'...[is] an impressive work and performance...very fine, and crisply virtuosic...exceedingly well done. Get this disc: Mallett is a player to watch."

The Porcelain Tower

Something New

CLASSICAL GUITAR MAGAZINE: Flippin's solo debut CD review. (2012)
"The opening Casseus trilogy is great stuff....these indeed, are three little gems...The Brouwer pairing is always a winner...tuneful and warmly evocative music [that is] beautifully played here...The Mompou...remains one of the 20th Century's most beautiful and original guitar works [and] Flippin does it full justice...With Flippin's own pieces...there are many beautiful moments...A fine recital with some attractively performed and recorded music."